Ghusoun and Her Brother the Gazelle is a folkloric tale written by Dr Kaltham Al-Ghanim and illustrated by Ibtihaj Al Harthi. It tells the journey of Ghusoun, her brother and their dog Salfa after they ran away from their step mother.

The book is published by Hamad Bin Khalifa University Press, 2017


Mah and Me is a picture book that deals with the issue of death and how to deal with it. It discusses the relationship of Azzan and his granny and his path to dealing with loss. It was written and illustrated by Ibtihaj Al Harthi and published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation, 2015

The book won the ِِEtisalat Award for Best Text (2015).

You can order the book from Amazon or buy it from Dahareez Arts if you are in Oman.


This is the book cover of “The Boy and the Sea,” a book written by the Omani writer Azhar Ahmed and illustrated by me. It tells the story of a bedouin boy who lives in the desert and has never seen the sea. The book has several black ink illustrations. Published (2013).



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